Sunday, 4 June 2017

A fairly large update of some small things...

It's been quite some time since my last update, and that's not to say that I've not been busy, or haven't been playing with the visual development of a few ideas however; the past 12 months has really been consumed by larger on-going projects, which has slightly denied me of much finished work to put up here. While this actually nothing to complain about, one of the issues of contributing toward game development projects is that they tend to be quite involved and more than a little secretive until they're ready to go out the door. 

Beyond these projects my face has generally been in a sketchbook where-ever has been possible, and many projects still continue, some in writing and some in sketches, and plenty drawing from life too. There will be more comics and game stuff up here at some point, but here's a bit of a dump of some of the more miscellaneous bits and pieces, sketches and a few random digital pieces. 

I've been really enjoying getting some more regular life drawing in, these past 12 months, I think by the nature of going to regular sessions with a limited pool of models, it does rather encourage you to get playful in your drawings.

(I picked up a load of cheap marker pens on my last trip to London Graphics centre last year)

 Another wee flit of mine was back in darkest January I spent a little while on wee mini project revolving around a fictional persona of a foul-beaked avian cultural critic called 'Little Peck',

Kind of a chance to play with some more editorial style pieces, and play around with writing a bit more and also animated gif images a bit. Sort of envisioned it becoming sort of like Time-Out magazine for birds.

Bird feeder reviews series.-  to accompany text these were going to combine the mundane (sort of ladybird book style illustrations) with the progressively more odd and surreal. I still hope to zine the crap out of this. At some point anyway...

WIP but really want to get better at doing gifs in Photoshop, think this stuff was still intended to be part of the Little Peck project but time will tell...

Some paints I was looking at for an early comic seed 'The Mortician's Daughter' - this is absolutely parked for now beyond a bit of research, but playing with a comic-esque role-playing game style aesthetic.


I absolutely failed to keep up with it the whole month last October but still managed a good 20 or so slightly wonky images in ink (pens this time not brush like last year) I was trying for a tinder pic theme originally, but it did rather morph over time into just drawing oddballs!

As I'm posting this in June 2017 this past year has absolutely flown by (as these things tend to) but having been up in Dundee for 18 months now, it's getting pretty close to the 2 year mark , which for me is actually quite a while to be stationed one place. Moving around is pretty common in game development,and it's come up in conversation with other game folk that sometimes people don't really engage too much with whatever city they're in, as it can all seem a bit transitory. Personally my move to Dundee was probably the first time since my early 20s I've gone somewhere completely fresh -  without any real network or pre-existing friends. So has been a real exercise in discovery,  getting out and exploring and finding out about a place.

 It has been challenging in a few respects, (ashamed as I am to admit it - I can be a touch shy at times) That being said - I have genuinely enjoyed being back in a smaller place, where you do see the same people around and there's a sense of a community. It's great micro hub for a lot of arts, design and games stuff especially, and I've enjoyed finding out about the kind of cultural ecosystem that lives here. Also Scotland's pretty great. 

Certainly compared with my time in London it's oddly gratifying how comprehensible the scale of things actually can be, and it has made me reconsider a good deal of what I do and why. And I've always loved just wandering about towns, so I've been putting some thought doing a comic project about Dundee, thinking over the summer months i'll be hoping to assemble something about the obscure little corners and places I've found during my time here. 

Most of my personal stuff is often fantastical, silly, or fairly introspective -  looking forward to doing something a little more external that I can share. I can be reasonably confident that it'll still be fairly whimsical however...


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Human suit

Man alive I need to stop posting these so close to one another - a bit of messy a paint, lighting's a bit silly but just playing with that stuff and a bit of photshop aberation etc. here really. 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Slightly immature -Majorly not really topical drawing of the week...

Pretty quick character sprites for a mini project that popped up last week - (be nice to get into doing these weekly actually)

New Train Guy panels!

Some WIP panels as part of the Train Guy folding comic (more on that later).Generally trying to get a bit more considered with my colours here.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Dundee buildings

Bit of an experiment based on some of my pocket sketchbook scratchings as I've been exploring Dundee these past few months. Hopefully some more later in the year.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Character Crest

Been playing about with a new style for some potentially exciting upcoming projects - since most of my posts have been pretty much traditional media of recent thought I'd put this up. Still a WIP but I'm enjoying exploring this style in a series of images over the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Massive 2016 update post ahoy!

Yikes, it's March already!

Back being a full time game artist, (as opposed to a scabrous freelancer) I split my time between the job, art studies, comics, and indie game projects -  as you might imagine these side projects often have to be small or they become quite protracted affairs. Scroll down this blog long enough and you shall see exactly what I mean... 

Additionally I move a lot for work! It's an annual thing these days - and currently i'm getting settled up in Dundee after a move in January, so far I've been enjoying being back in the north  but also settling in, learning a new job, trying to make friends etc.  

As one might expect I've not been so active on the blog.  So here's a bit of a catch up post!

October Twenty Twelve, is a project i'm currently finishing up, and it's a comic project that has evolved from 2015's Inktober, combining these daily ink drawings with a visual dairy of my October.

It's actually turned out way more dense than my initial intentions for the project and is surprisingly angst laden for one of my projects too... I'm genuinely not sure yet if it's actually terrible or not, but it's 80% done so it seems criminal not to finish this one.

I've been enjoying Dundee, and it's nice being in a small place with a very active arts community. As a bit of a side thing I've been doing some pretty neat courses at the DCA's print studios.  After a spot of book binding, I've got some really nice (and easy to produce) formats that will be perfect extras to take along to any future comic events.

I was able to dust off some Train Guy stuff, which being more of a sketchbook project comes together quite nicely in small book form, this neat little book consists of 5 sheets of A4, and some cardboard and a dab of glue, and doesn't take too long to make, with some nice prints this could be a winner.

Been keeping to the weekly life drawing sessions in 2016 Dundee's All The Young Nudes (it's at quite a few other UK cities too) has been a pretty good environment to keep at it run by nice folk.

After a month of longer pencil drawings, will be been trying to push ink drawing with the old V-ball next, I'm slowly getting more comfortable with pen sketches these days which is nice.

That's it for now - hopefully get some more regular bits and pieces up here in the coming months.